Notice of Temporary Break in Operations

Dear Readers & Friends,

We wish to inform you of the temporary halt to our operations on content on our website and our services.

Over the past three years, we have worked passionately to realize our mission of elevating the African voice on China’s presence on the continent and empowering Africans to become equal actors in Africa’s relations with China.

While these efforts have led us to achieve some important successes, we have also encountered difficult challenges along the way. Sustainable funding has been one of those major challenges.

While we deliberate on the next best steps for our team, we are proud to share the following achievements over our very young existence, and only through your help:

  1. Our year-old old website has provided over 18k visitors with more than 200 pieces of informative, educative, thought-provoking, and timely Africa-China-related content.
  2. We have engaged with more than 80k people in our area of focus: China’s presence on the continent.
  3. We have partnered with renowned actors in the Africa-China space like The Jack Ma Foundation, China-Africa Project(CAP), China- Africa Tech Initiative,  Kente and Silk, Duapa Africa among others.
  4. Since its launch in 2019, our flagship African youth initiative-Africans on China Campus leaders Ambassadors Program-(AoCCLAP),  currently runs on 7 university campuses across 4 African countries.

Through this program, we have directly and indirectly refined the leadership skills and deepened the exposure and access to Africa-China related resources and opportunities of more than 200 African young leaders. AoCCLAP also provided these young Africans with strategic platforms to voice their perspectives on Africa-China-related topics.

We are eternally grateful for your advisors, staff, and you! We hope to build back stronger together.

AoC Management

One thought on “Notice of Temporary Break in Operations

  1. Keep up keep up Chines Support for Africa.
    We African we trust chines more than another Content in the world, not because of political affiliation but through your action witnessed in developing Africa with good faith.
    You’re Made us see
    through your developmental project in Africa.
    I need to support this project
    the Project Name is the Afra China Development project in Health
    the aim of the Project is to Train Health Cadras in Africa so that they can give quality Health services to the fallow Africans

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