Studying in China: A Guide for Africans


Ebook Guide On Getting Into Chinese Universities & Winning Competitive Scholarships



According to China’s Ministry of Education, about 500,000 international students from 196 countries studied in 1004 higher education institutions in 2018! China is the fifth-ranked study destination globally, with all 10 percent of international students. 

Students from Africa made up 16.5 percent of this population, making it the second continent with the largest number of international students in China. In terms of financials, 12.81 percent of China’s 500,000 international students studied on Chinese government scholarships, with 87.19 percent being self-funded. 

The reasons for the rise in studying in China are multifaceted.

In this book, we discuss these reasons, as well as why you should consider China as a destination to pursue your higher educational goals. We also feature testimonials from fellow Africans about how to win coveted scholarships. Finally, we guide you on how to enroll in the school of your choice and make good use of your stay in China.

This thorough guide is all you need to understand why and how to study in China.

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4 thoughts on “Studying in China: A Guide for Africans

  1. Quiet informative, it has built the foundation of knowledge about studying in China
    Aoc thank you for this resource

  2. The attached e-book is really interesting.
    It gives an insightful and helpful thoughts on how to get in China, win a scholarship and tips on how to stay there.
    It gives hints on necessary if not essential documents necessary to migrate into China. The three account of some scholarship winners enthusiastic to be willing to be part of this cohort.

    The ebook is really different from other read until now cause it carries in it great information on formality on how to study in China .The ebook really helps to know all necessary documents required to apply for a scholarship. It’s a light part to the procedure and documentation necessary to apply for the right scholarship in China

  3. I found this guide to be easy to read and informative. Before, I hadn’t given it much thought to study in China but through this guide I have found a new interest to pursue further studies in China. The author has done a great job!

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