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One of the biggest issues in Africa-China relations is the fear that China is taking over the African continent through its ownership of infrastructure, technology, and mining projects in Africa. 

Many people want things to change. However, they lack current data and insight to make informed decisions. African and Chinese citizens and stakeholders are stuck in a relationship of distrust without reliable information to act as informed, empowered actors in this space. 

As the leading African voice in the Africa-China space, we are building a live interactive map with information about China-funded projects across Africa with associated issues/concerns where present. 


This interactive map will have information crowdsourced from the general public to ensure we get information from all parts of the continent and will be verified by our trust team to ensure accurate data. 

But we can’t build this map and team without your help. 

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  • Hire an African talent to build the interactive map
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  • Market the platform to crowdsource and share information
  • Help communities take action on identified issues 

Help Us Build ‘The China In Africa’ Map 

Know of an ongoing issue in your community, country, or area of interest, submit your issue to us today and be the first to know when the map goes live. 

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