Nigeria Launches New China-funded Railway

Nigeria has commenced trial operations for its China-funded Lagos-Ibadan railway.

70% Of China Pledged $60 Billion Funds To Africa Is Already In Use Despite Pandemic

70% of the $60 billion of China's pledged financial support to Africa is already in use…

How China Is Changing Its Financing Approach In Africa

There is now a new China financing approach with funding infrastructure in Africa through public-private partnerships.

China-Funded Africa CDC Begins Construction In Ethiopia

Ethiopia to commence the construction of a Beijing-funded Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa…

How China Defeated Malaria And How Africa Can Follow

China is providing guidance and support to control and eliminate malaria in Africa.

China Continues To Support Africa’s Efforts To Retrieve Cultural Artifacts

Chinese diplomat recently expressed support for Africa retrieving cultural artifacts as being similar to China experience…

Alibaba Partners With Ethiopian Airlines To Export Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines

China is putting logistical and infrastructural measures in place to deliver on promise to prioritize Africa…

How China’s Trade War With Australia Could Benefit Africa

China and Australia are in a new trade dispute over iron ore. Some analysts believe this…

This Is Why China Inserts Sovereign Immunity Clauses In Loan Agreements With Africa

Sovereign Immunity Clauses are standard in China loan agreements. Do these clauses benefit or hinder Africa?

South Sudan And China Sign 5 Year Deal For Medical Support

South Sudan and China has signed a 5 year health agreement. China will deploy its medical…