Why Are Chinese Nationals Leaving Kenya In Droves?

Credit: Nairobi News https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/featured/chinese-nationals-flee-kenya-in-droves-as-covid-19-cases-surge-photos

On Friday, July 31st, hundreds of Chinese immigrants arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya to exit the country a day before international flights were reopened. They were leaving on a repatriation flight on China Southern Airlines, which was charted by the Embassy of China.

Kenay’s Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe, said the authorities were not concerned by the number of Chinese leaving the country. This is comparable to the number of Kenyans who have traveled from all over the world to return home. Kenya’s ministry of transportation has been allowing the movement of people for essential services. They also noted that this repatriation flight was planned earlier.

Kenya resumed international flights on August 1st. Passengers from the following countries are now allowed to travel to Kenya due to the decline in Covid-19 cases: China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, and Morocco.

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