AFCON 2023 final to be played in a China-sponsored stadium

AFCON 2023 is a success with the tournament witnessing some huge shocks as well as entertainment but outside of sports, there is a big winner who is not even African

Africa needs technology, not money from China and others for climate action

A climate change expert Mr Raymond Atanga has said Africa’s greatest need from China and the West to undertake climate action is not funding.


COP28 and climate change: will China’s balancing act and Africa’s demands align?

As COP28 unfolds in Dubai, Africa and China emerge as key players for opposing reasons. This article digs into their contribution, demands, and potential areas of collaboration or disagreement on climate matters. Further, it gets into the continent’s fight for climate justice and China’s balance between development and responsibility.


Chinese youth renting out friendship as a side hustle

Chinese youth have resorted to renting friends for social events as they seek to avoid pressure during such gatherings, this a new boom in China

Why African Sprinters Compete In China

African sprinters are thriving in China in the booming marathon industry. Here is why African athletes continue to compete in China.


African startups and the investor dynamics, China’s role

With the number of African startups increasing by the day, we explore the funding dynamics including the role of Chinese investments in their growth


All Roads Lead To Nowhere Else, But China

No travel during Chinese New Year 2021? Here is how a South African living in China celebrated the holiday and coped with feeling homesick.

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