How China Is Leading The Network Competition To Connect Africa

China will construct underwater cables to bring enhanced network services to Africa and the Middle East. The project is dubbed 2Africa.

Mauritius Free Trade Agreement With China Is A Big Deal

China and Mauritius have signed a Free Trade Agreement, which is the first of its kind between China and an Africa nation.


China Cannot Overtake Africa In Cocoa Production

Despite the exasperation expressed towards China producing cocoa, China however cannot overtake African countries in cocoa production.


Why African Sprinters Compete In China

African sprinters are thriving in China in the booming marathon industry. Here is why African athletes continue to compete in China.

Are African Football Players Winning In The Chinese Super League?

The Chinese Super League has felt the impact of African top players. This contract is beneficial as long as Africans stay at the top of their game.


How RiverRoots Created A Niche For Organic African Beauty And Skincare In China

Khay, South African founder of RiverRoots, is creating a niche for organic African beauty and skincare in China.


All Roads Lead To Nowhere Else, But China

No travel during Chinese New Year 2021? Here is how a South African living in China celebrated the holiday and coped with feeling homesick.

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