Could The US Rival China’s Infrastructural Funding In Africa?

How does the US approach compare to China’s infrastructural financing in Africa? Will it disrupt relations between Africa and China?


How Content Creators Are Changing the China-Africa Story With Social Media

The following content creators, Wode Maya, Zhao Huiling, and Fyjo Molly, are using social media to change the narrative around Africa, China, and the interactions between the two.

This 23-Year-Old Angolan Scientist Is China-Trained And Leading COVID-19 Labs In Angola

A 23-year-old Angolan, named Valdemar Tchipenhe, who obtained his degree in biotechnology from China, is now back home to coordinate the COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories being set up in the country.…


How Transsion And Samsung Compete In Ghana With Smartphone Ambassadors

Do Ghana smartphone ambassadors impact sales? We look at Transsion and Samsung in Ghana plus survey local consumers of each brand.


‘Chinese People In China And Chinese People In Ghana Are Not The Same’ With Duncan Acorlor

Working in China as an African can be an eye-opening experience. In this personal account, Duncan Acorlor shares his experience there. In particular, he highlights the difference in behavior between…

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