Why We Need Environmental Diplomacy In Africa-China Relations

Africa and China face serious environmental challenges. Thus, environmental protection and sustainable development should be a top priority for both.


Are African Football Players Winning In The Chinese Super League?

The Chinese Super League has felt the impact of African top players. This contract is beneficial as long as Africans stay at the top of their game.

How Content Creators Are Changing the China-Africa Story With Social Media

The following content creators, Wode Maya, Zhao Huiling, and Fyjo Molly, are using social media to change the narrative around Africa, China, and the interactions between the two.


How Transsion And Samsung Compete In Ghana With Smartphone Ambassadors

Do Ghana smartphone ambassadors impact sales? We look at Transsion and Samsung in Ghana plus survey local consumers of each brand.


A South African’s Holiday Wandering Through The Silk Road

Elize is from Cape Town, South Africa and moved to China in 2017. In this article, Engle shares with us her holiday experience in Silk Road.

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