Why China Company Is Seeking $55M For Ghana Cancelled Road Traffic Contract

Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lightening Company is seeking a $55M judgement against Ghana for cancelling their $100M road traffic project.

China’s Foreign Minister Urges Chinese Companies in Nigeria to Respect Local Laws

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, urged Chinese companies operating in Nigeria to respect Nigerian local laws while pledging support to Nigeria’s development.


Can Africa Rise On Its Own After Relying On China’s Investment

Infrastructure is what Africa needs most and what China can provide. The question is whether Africa can rise on its own afterward.


Are African Football Players Winning In The Chinese Super League?

The Chinese Super League has felt the impact of African top players. This contract is beneficial as long as Africans stay at the top of their game.

How Content Creators Are Changing the China-Africa Story With Social Media

The following content creators, Wode Maya, Zhao Huiling, and Fyjo Molly, are using social media to change the narrative around Africa, China, and the interactions between the two.


How RiverRoots Created A Niche For Organic African Beauty And Skincare In China

Khay, South African founder of RiverRoots, is creating a niche for organic African beauty and skincare in China.


A South African’s Holiday Wandering Through The Silk Road

Elize is from Cape Town, South Africa and moved to China in 2017. In this article, Engle shares with us her holiday experience in Silk Road.

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