How A Chinese TV Series Shot In Kenya Became A Hit In China

Credit: The Kenyan Post

China is seemingly venturing into every field in Africa, from infrastructure to economy, to technology. Now China has set its sight on dominating the movie industry.

A Chinese TV series has been shot in Nairobi and has given Kenya international recognition, with Chinese filmmakers eyeing Kenya for future film projects.

The action-based TV series ‘Hunting’ is set in the quiet and isolated Nairobi neighborhoods packed with tropical trees. It features renowned Kenyan actor Derrick Asseto, who also doubles as a stuntman.

The series is based on a Chinese investigation team that seeks to track down fugitives abroad in an attempt to escape China’s judicial system. The series has enjoyed 250 million views on BTV-1, Dragon Television Chinese network.

According to Jim Shamoon, a production team member, ‘Hunting’ is one of the best projects they have done in Nairobi, crediting it to a conducive environment.

The TV series has 44 episodes and was shot along Ngong road and Kona Baridi in Kajiado county. China’s ministry of the public supported the production in 2019.

The film blends Kenyan-Chinese culture to highlight the government’s effort to promote justice.

It is currently available in China since that was its main target audience, however, it will soon be opened to international markets.

Can more collaboration between Chinese and African films enhance the movie industry for both markets?

What do you think?

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