Kenya Partners With China To Co-produce Films

Kenya China sign agreement for film
Credit: CGTN

Africa-China partnership on trade, infrastructure, and other economic cooperation areas are the major areas the world knows for the current Africa-China relations to be about. But there seems to be a gradual shift in the narrative, focusing on the arts, in particular, film. 

CEO of Kenya Film Commission (KFC), Timothy Owase, has disclosed that Kenya plans to co-produce three films with China. The move is an attempt by the East Africa giant to boost its creative sector. Owase is reported to have told Xinhua in Nairobi that scripts for the films have been forwarded to the Chinese counterparts for preparation for production to begin.

“We are also in discussion on the location, funding, and the crew that will be involved in the films. The films will be shown to audiences in China and throughout Africa so as to expose Kenyan films to the rest of the world,” the CEO said. Owase, who observed that China has a well-developed moviemaking sector that has created job opportunities for its talented people, said that co-production with the Asian nation will help Kenya improve the quality of films produced locally, Cgtn news reported.  

The films will be performed in English, Swahili, and Chinese languages to enhance their appeal to international audiences. CEO Owase said, “the films will be shown to audiences in China and throughout Africa so as to expose Kenyan films to the rest of the world.” He added that “the government is aware that a vibrant film sector will also help to promote exports of Kenyan products in the global marketplace.”

Many Africa-China insiders have agreed that, in addition to booming economic cooperation between China and African countries, cultural exchanges and people-to-people communication are also vital to the relationship between Africa and China. Key partnerships in the creative industry are therefore necessary for improving understanding and people-to-people relations. 

Which are the other benefits African countries stand to enjoy in their cooperation with China in this ‘non-economic’ area?

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