The Largest Data Center In Central Africa Was Just Built By The Chinese

Photo Credit: Cameroonian Government, Newly Opened Zamengoe Data Centre

In Cameroon, the state-owned telecommunications company Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) has unveiled the Zamengoe Data Centre, a tier III data centre located on the outskirts of the capital Yaounde.

The data centre is part of Cameroon’s National Broadband Network II Project. The facility has been valued at €15 million and is being touted as the largest data centre in the Central African sub-region.

The data centre project was executed by Huawei Technologies Cameroon, built by China Shenyang International Cooperation Co. Ltd. and financed through the Exim Bank of China.

The opening of the facility has received positive reception from Cameroon’s government

Cameroon’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, shared, “Besides serving Camtel, this centre should be transformed into a real hosting opportunity to serve the growing demand of entities that generate or use data such as government agencies, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, retailers of all sizes and the providers of online information and social networking services such as Google and Facebook”.

Local reports say some institutions are already hosting their data with the newly launched data centre. This development comes amid concerns that China built digital and physical infrastructure in Africa could compromise privacy and security.

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