What Africa Can Learn From China’s Poverty Alleviation Program

Credit: Blue Ox Studio via Pexels

China is on a path to completely eliminate poverty in their country. World Bank data indicates that 850 million of its population have been lifted out of poverty. However, this was not the case, as China struggled for a while in order to become a world power. China has transformed from an agrarian society into the world’s second-largest economy.

Over the last two decades China’s Gross National Income has grown more than ten-fold from $940 in 2000 to $10,410 in 2019.

In 1981, China was more impoverished than Africa with 80% of its population struggling below the poverty line. In 2012, China embarked on its mission to alleviate its people out of poverty, especially those in rural areas.

As part of its alleviation program, the Chinese government is providing vocational skills and employment opportunities for the rural people. Chinese people have access to free health care, education, and housing. There are also monitoring and assistance mechanisms in place to ensure people do not fall back into poverty.

Constantinos Bt. Constantinos, a professor of public policy at Addis Ababa University, believes Africa should adopt China’s poverty alleviation model because it would help lift Africa out of poverty.

“Without good economic development and good economic management there is no way we can alleviate poverty in any country or in any given nation…the Chinese model will serve very well for Africa to follow”, he told Xinhua in an interview.

Should Africa develop its own model or adopt China’s model of alleviation?

What do you think?

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