PATT Call For 2021 5,000-Mile Report

Credit: PATT

PATT is looking for contributors for its 2021 5,000-Mile Report, which will focus on African youth perspective on Sino-African engagement in and beyond a COVID era.

PATT is the PKU Africa Think Tank at Peking University. The think tank seeks to leverage the discourse around Africa in China and globally. This is a joint initiative between the Peking University Center for African Studies and the Peking University African Students Association.

The 2021 5,000-Mile Report asks the following question: “Given the challenges posed by COVID-19, how should China engage African governments and youths, and vice-versa, to ensure co-prosperity and agency?”

PATT is inviting contributors to submit either an extended paper or a short article for publication in the Report.

The application deadline is 30 April 2021.

For more details to contribute to PATT 5,000-Mile Report, click here.

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